AUDIO/STORY: Gov. Wolf announces actions to improve law enforcement

March 2020 File Photo provided by Gov. Wolf



HARRISBURG – Governor Tom Wolf announced several actions to improve law enforcement relations with the community and strengthen training and accountability. He outlined multiple actions directed at meaningful reforms to include reviewing training and education of officers, and enhancing their safety and wellness.


Governor Wolf also would support legislative reforms to provide improved access to police videos and a special prosecutor in deadly force cases and, “The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency will develop a program that provides technical assistance that creates a citizens police advisory board, to address police action that provide transparency and independent accountability.”


The governor also wants the creation of a PA State Law Enforcement Advisory Commission to review allegations of misconduct by law enforcement. The PA State Troopers Association is criticizing these plans, saying the governor is implying troopers are no better than people charged with George Floyd’s death. Troopers also criticized the governor for ignoring his own order during a pandemic and marched with people holding ‘blue lives murder’ signs,’ “I’m not comparing them at all, I think the Pennsylvania State Police are doing a fine job. That sign…I was in the protest yesterday and there were lots of signs. I didn’t have any control as to who was there or not and I certainly don’t condone that. This is not in an effort to point a finger, this is to build trust.”


Governor Wolf also had this message for violent protesters, “I urge protesters to be peaceful, and denounce those taking advantage of their legitimate anger with illegal acts and destruction. It’s time for Pennsylvanians and Americans to come together around eliminating racism and injustice, wherever it exists. We cannot do that in chaos.”

The governor is also calling for the creation of a Deputy Inspector General.

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