Gov. Wolf issues guidance to resume HS, college, pro sports

HARRISBURG – High School sports can finally return in the Valley and across Pennsylvania. Wednesday, the Wolf Administration issued preliminary guidance for high school and recreational sports teams to resume voluntary workouts and other in-person activities in yellow and green counties. The guidance includes college and professional sports as well.


Public and private K-12 PIAA schools and PISAA in yellow and green phase counties can resume voluntary sports-related workouts. Schools must first develop an athletic health and safety plan in alignment with the Department of Education’s preliminary guidance for phased reopening of schools. Recreational and amateur sports teams in green counties not affiliated with a K-12 school can hold in-person activities, including games and practices, but follow CDC guidelines. Gatherings of all participants, including players, athletic staff, officials and spectators are limited to 25 in the yellow phase and 250, or 50% capacity in the green phase.


Coaches and other adult personnel should wear face coverings and screen athletes for symptoms before practices and games. All participants must follow safe hygiene and social distancing practices, avoid unnecessary physical contact, and clean and disinfect equipment and facilities. Teams are also encouraged to stagger drop-off and pick-up times at outdoor locations and designate entrances and exits. All guidance is a starting point for summer sports teams and guidance for fall, winter and spring sports seasons may be updated.


College sports sanctioned by the NCAA, including intramural and club sports, can resume in-person activity after developing an athletic health and safety plan in alignment with the state Department of Health. Professional sports can resume immediately. Teams or leagues in the yellow phase, or if more than 250 people are on site in the green phase, must have a COVID-19 safety plan approved by the Department of Health.

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