Gordner: Working from home, Governor handling COVID-19 better


BERWICK – One of the Valley’s Republican State Senators has been satisfied with how Governor Tom Wolf is now handling the coronavirus pandemic in Pennsylvania.


While now working from home, State Senator John Gordner (R-27th, Berwick) joined WKOK’s Sunrise and says he was highly critical of the Governor at first, but things have improved:

“They indicated they would in fact have a waiver program (for businesses), which was quickly up and running. Since then, the governor again heard what our complaints were…he’s been doing a lot of the press conferences from home, but still taking immediate questions in order to be transparent.”


Senator Gordner says he also took part in the first ever remote vote in the PA legislature. He says it’s been quite different working from home, “I’ve been working at the kitchen table. I’ve never done so many online conference calls, emails…I don’t know if I’ve ever heard about Zoom, but I have used it more than I ever had.”


Senator Gordner was also asked one of the biggest questions still lingering across the state…when will schools be back in session. He says that remains unknown, but a school code bill was just passed regarding how districts should handle the situation going forward, “It deals with the number of the issues in regards to 180 days and providing flexibility, urging distance learning, and we talked about what employees get paid and how the system is. But at this point, we don’t know (when schools will return).”


Gordner says the bill is on its way to Governor Wolf’s desk. You can hear more updates from Senator Gordner on the WKOK Podcast page.

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