GOP vs. Dems…a better way soon at Red/Blue event

Active listening over active arguing: The Better Angels Organization

SUNBURY – In the current political climate, it’s hard to imagine a middle ground can be achieved on any of the issues facing us in 2019. The Better Angels Organization is up to the challenge.


Karen Ward is a local member of the Better Angels Organization, “They try to go pretty much 50/50 on red and blue, and they just try to find common ground, have us talk respectfully, have us listen, and just know that we are not as divisive, and we’re all humans beings and just work from there.”


Karen Cotter of Better Angels describes some of the things Better Angels does to achieve this goal, “You can do a skills workshop where folks practice role playing from learning how to speak to the other side. There also starting debates which are going to be very, very interesting, where a couple of folks from each side will give a 3 to 4 minute talk on an issue and then be moderated by a Better Angels moderator.”


Karen Ward tells us why Better Angels does this, “We are totally divided in politics in this country and it just seems to be getting worse pretty much by the day. This is an opportunity to relate to our fellow citizens and have constructive conversation.”


Better Angels Organization is having a Red/Blue Workshop on Saturday, February 23 at the Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center in Selinsgrove. The event will have light refreshments. To register please contact Karen Ward at [email protected].


To hear the full conversation with Karen Ward and Karen Cotter of Better Angels from their appearance on WKOK On The Mark, please visit out podcast page at



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