Getting young people involved in United Way

SUNBURY–  The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way is seeking to create a Youth Board and are looking for volunteers.  The youth would join the board for a period of one year.


Director of Community Outreach Stacey Piecuch says they are hoping to have up to twelve young people in the age range from 16 to 24-year-olds in high school, college, the military, or the work force.  Piecuch says the United Way hopes to get youth who would be interested in one of the impact initiatives that they are working on currently, including financial needs, early childhood developments, behavioral health, and diversity and inclusion.


Susquehanna University Junior Seth Joseph is helping to spearhead the effort.  He says, “We just want to get young people involved, get them active in the community,  have them partner with organizations that they are interested in working with, and connect the youth with the United Way.”


Joseph says young people who want to get involved can call the United Way office, check out their Facebook page, or visit  Piecuch and Joseph were guests recently on WKOK’s Sunrise.  The full interview is available at

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