Geisinger working to provide its rural patients with transportation

DANVILLE— How to get patients in rural areas medical treatment is a problem Geisinger is looking to solve. Dr. Jaewon Ryu, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Geisinger says 140,000 patients were “no shows” for their appointments last year.

He says one reason is lack of transportation, “Some of the challenges believe it or not end up being transportation and we have seen that in various focus groups and feedback we get from our patients. We have many no show appoints in our systems and a lot of times we know that when we track down the root cause of that it’s due in some way to transportation.”


At a community meeting held recently at Geisinger, Dr. Ryu said the hospital is looking to pilot a transportation program and work with organizations like rabbittransit and even the Federal Reserve, “We see a tremendous need to at least test the model and learn and if there is a value which we suspect there might be how do we scale those programs.”


The pilot program is to test and learn if transportation really benefits healthcare. Dr. Ryu says the jury is still out, but the hospital feels the need to test the model and discover if transportation would be a value to its patients.

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