Geisinger Pulmonologist: It’s only the beginning of the vaping epidemic 

DANVILLE – A Geisinger Pulmonologist, or a physician treating the respiratory system, says the case of a Bloomsburg University student on life support possibly from vaping is only the start of the epidemic. We last told you 19-year-old Bloomsburg University student Kevin Boclair is on life support after suffering an asthma attack, and a vaping habit has worsened it.

Dr. Jaya Sugunaraj tells WKOK this case is just the tip of the iceberg, “As of now there are about five deaths being reported, and there are more than 450 cases that CDC has been actively tracking. There are about 3.6 million youths that are using these devices actively.”

Dr. Sungunaraj says anyone who inhales smoke from someone vaping could also be suspect of those negative effects, “I think the strict standards that are being enforced for smoking should be enforced for vaping as well. In fact, it’s surprising because one of my staff (members) showed me yesterday that she was in a swimming pool yesterday and they were all smoking…school kids. In fact, I’ve spoken with kids from middle school and high school and what they tell me is when they come out of the bathroom, it smells of all the vape.”

We last told you Bloomsburg students have said they’ve seen their peers vaping on campus. Dr. Sungunaraj says the market for vaping is only growing, expanding the number of health problems as a result, “There are so many products that are being marketed. There’s one product that has some TNC products. Most of them end up having some lung problems or there is a really bad reaction in their lungs.”

Dr. Sungunaraj says if you find yourself near someone vaping, just find a way to move away from it, as you would with any other smoker.

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