Geisinger to community leaders: We are attacking opioid crisis

DANVILLE – Geisinger Health System said today they are working to attack the opioid addiction problem and have seen tangible results. Dr. Jaewon Ryu, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, addressed over 100 members of a community leaders at luncheon Monday.

He said they first are looking at the prescribing behaviors of their physicians, “We make sure that any opiate that we’re prescribing has a clear, clinical need and that we’re not prescribing any more that’s above and beyond that clinical needed. And so since 2016 when we embarked on this journey, we’ve seen an over 50% decrease in the opiates that we’re prescribing.”

They’ve also started launched more ‘medication assistance therapy clinics’ and they plan to launch more. He noted that the opioid crisis is urgent, and it is a multi-faceted problem, so it will take a multifaceted solution.  He said the crisis is bigger than health care, and includes a lot of community aspects like employment and socioeconomic factors.

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