Funding coming for Mahantango Creek Brown to Green Watershed Project


HARRISBURG – A major watershed that runs through the Valley is receiving state funds to help in the restoration. DEP has announced funding to implement the Mahantango Brown to Green Watershed Restoration Project in Northumberland and Schuylkill counties. The DEP is awarding a grant of just under $155,000 to the Schuylkill County Conservation District.


The Mahantango Creek watershed is in Northumberland, Schuylkill and Dauphin Counties.

The grant will fund various projects to restore the impaired watershed, improving water quality, and helping achieve compliance with PA’s Chesapeake Bay goals.


Those projects will establish 12 best management practices on the Miller Farm, a 24-acre farm in the watershed. The primary goal is to reduce agricultural runoff getting into the creek. The farm will reduce silt and nutrients from 100 cows on the farm.

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