Former and county commissioner candidate countersued

SUNBURY – Former and now Northumberland County Commissioner candidate Vinny Clausi has been countersued in county court by a Shamokin police officer and a Shamokin resident. The Daily Item reports Shamokin officer Nathan Rhodes and resident Joseph Leschinskie are seeking in excess of $50,000. They deny threatening to have Clausi arrested and using obscene language against him during an incident May 18. They also deny using a racial epithet for those with Italian heritage. Rhodes did admit to speaking to Clausi about an incident between his wife Tammy and Clausi at her work, and requested Clausi to stay away from his wife.


Rhodes and Leschinskie accuse Clausi of causing a disturbance at the work, and offering money to Shamokin Chief Darwin Tobias III to have Rhodes terminated. They also accuse Clausi of offering money to people in the community to break Leschinskie’s legs.


Clausi is also seeking in excess of $50,000 in his suit. Clausi is seeking a third term as county commissioner in the 2019 election on the Democratic ticket, after serving from 2008-2015. The Daily Item says Leschinskie is also considering running for commissioner as well on the Republican ticket.

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