American Legion Post 44 holds Military Share for veterans

Military Share distribution held for Valley vets

NORTHUMBERLAND – Giving back to those that served our country when they need it most. The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Military Share Program was held Friday at the American Legion Post 44 in Northumberland. This monthly program was put together by the American Legion in partnership with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to help veterans in need.

Richard Simpson, Commander of Post 44, says about 34 veterans were signed up to receive food, “They have all been pre-registered. Some of them are either house bound or working and couldn’t get away, so they sign a proxy for somebody else to pick it up for them.”  Each veteran received 25 pounds of dry product, a dozen eggs, and a quart of milk, frozen chicken, and 10-15 pounds of produce.

Greg Stegall, Military-Share Manager for Central PA Food Bank, says the program continues to grow locally and statewide, something he’s very proud of, “We started about a year and a half ago in central Pennsylvania and its now spread across the state. So, all the other major food banks are starting to do this. I am really proud this started in central Pennsylvania and grown across the state.”

Nine-year U.S. Air Force veteran Ron Lesher of Trevorton is grateful for the program saying, “This is pretty great. You don’t feel like taking it, but you make sense of it that you know, we served our country for it.”  The program has also been given financial support from different Legion and VFW posts in Northumberland County.

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