Fixing Northumberland’s truck issue during construction

File photo of Duke Street project

NORTHUMBERLAND – There may be some hope to tempering the growing truck problem in Northumberland as the Duke Street project continues. Since the beginning of construction, residents have been frustrated with trucks over 36-feet illegally coming through the project detour with little borough police enforcement.

Northumberland resident Chris Skelly, a former truck driver, says the truck drivers share a good amount of the blame, “The biggest issue I think is the drivers don’t look at the signs properly. And I think if the GPS companies would be notified with some type of warning on those GPS, it would make a difference, and maybe these drivers would start to paying a little more attention.”

PennDOT Transportation Construction Manager Mindy Foresman says the state police are now involved, “There is no funding in the contract to have the state police come on the job, but we have noticed that they have started it. So I’m not exactly sure how they’ve been contacted, but they have been doing it on their own.”

Perhaps the best news for borough residents is PennDOT will take care of anyone who suffers property damage from trucks coming down the detour. PennDOT Assistant Construction Engineer Ted Deptula, “Prior to construction, we videotaped the existing condition of the road, of the sidewalks, of the curbs, and if there was damage performed during construction by the detour traffic, we will come back and repair the damaged curbs and sidewalks.”

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