‘Everyone’s All Inclusive Playground’ gifted to Penn Township

SELINSGROVE – It may be everyone’s playground, but it belongs to Penn Township, now. The newly constructed all-inclusive playground at East Snyder Park near Selinsgrove has been gifted to the Township by the Andy Russell Charitable Foundation.


Fritz Heinemann, who raised money for, and oversaw construction of, ‘Everyone’s All Inclusive Playground,” said ownership was officially transferred to Penn Township as a gift to the community.


Jon Payne, Chairman of the Township Board of Supervisors, accepted the donation, saying it was “One of the most unique and distinctive gifts the township has ever received and which has already had a significant impact throughout the entire Central Pennsylvania region.”


The playground is built on 9,600 square feet of land made available by the Penn Township supervisors to the foundation, which raised donations, and applied for grant money to build the playground.  Heinemann says it consists of 15 individual pieces of equipment, has wheelchair accessibility and has accommodations for other devices for those who may have physical disabilities.


Penn Township will now assume responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the playground and incorporate it as an extension of the existing East Snyder Recreation Complex in Penn Township.


Heinemann said contributions are still needed for completion of the special walkway entrance comprised of personalized engraved bricks, and for final landscaping needs.  You can make a donation on the “Everyone’s Playground” gofundme account or send checks to the Russell Charitable Foundation, 1000 Buffalo Road, Lewisburg, PA 17837.

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