Susquehanna Community Shares Stories in Human Library

October 19, 2020 – October 22, 2020 all-day

Susquehanna University will host a virtual Human Library™ from Monday, Oct. 19 through Thursday, Oct. 22, during which visitors will hear personal stories from individuals whose life experience may be different from their own.

Through positive, constructive conversations with community members, the Human Library helps combat stereotypes, promotes empathy and allows participants to exchange ideas and discuss unique experiences with each other.

Stories generally revolve around personal beliefs, life experiences and an upbringing that has made an individual’s life unique. They typically focus on some type of prejudice participants have experienced that impacted them in some way. Story titles for the upcoming event include:

  • Life as a Young Widow
  • Hiding Under a Mask
  • Politics and Queerness: Growing Up Gay in a Historically Red Community
  • Depression and Disability: You’re Not Alone
  • Queers, Gears, and a Pair of Shears: An Aspie Who’s Still Finding Herself
  • Born from the Great Migration

These storytellers are drawn directly from Susquehanna and the surrounding Selinsgrove community, giving participants an important opportunity to learn more about the folks we see and interact with on a regular basis.

Anyone interested in participating as a storyteller can fill out this form or contact Ryan Ake at [email protected] with questions.

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