Lenten Thursdays at All Saints Episcopal

February 22, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

All Saints Episcopal Church
129 North Market Street
PO Box 119
Selinsgrove, PA 17870
(570) 374-8289

The Baptismal Covenant

Book of Common Prayer, p. 304-305

22 February- “Will you continue in the apostles teaching & fellowship, in the

breaking of bread, & in the prayers?”

Presenters: Paul Donecker, Christiana Gianetta, & Maeve Schurz

We will talk about baptisms we have experienced, maybe someone remembers their own.  We will review the section on Baptism in the Catechism, p. 858.  We will review the Chicago-Lambeth 1886, p. 876 & Resolution 11, Lambeth Conference, 1888, p. 877.

1 March- “Will you persevere in resisting evil & whenever you fall into sin,

repent & return to the Lord?”

     Presenters: John Ranck & Jim Rogers

We will review the section on Sin & Redemption in the Catechism, p. 848.  We will review the section on Penitence, p. 857.  We will review Article 16 of the 39 Articles of Religion (1801), p. 870.

8 March- “Will you proclaim by word & example the good news of God in Christ?”

Presenters: Ruth & Bart Ryan

We will review Articles 10, 11, 12 of the Articles of Religion, p. 869-870.  We will review section of the Catechism on the Ministry, p. 855.

15 March- “Will you seek & serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as


Presenter: Bruce Johnson

We will review Article 38 of the 39 Articles, p. 876.  We will review the section on the New Covenant from the Catechism, p. 850-851.  We will review the “Fruits of the Spirit”, Galations 5: 22.

22 March- “Will you strive for justice & peace among all people & respect the

dignity of every human being?”

Presenter: Laura Ernst-Keister

We will review the Prayers of the People, Form II, p. 385-386, Form IV, p. 388, & Form V, p. 390-391.  We will review Psalm 19, p. 606-607 & Psalm 67, p. 675.  We will review Prayer 27, p. 823 & Thanksgiving 7, p. 840.  We will review the Ten Commandments, from the Catechism, p. 847-848.

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