Degenstein Community Library and SRI to host the Crazy Quilt Club

The Degenstein Library and Sunbury Revitalization, Inc. present an A&A Production of “The Crazy Quilt Club” by Pat Cook.  Audiences have two opportunities to support the performing arts on Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9.  Showtime is 7:30pm, doors open at 7:00pm.  The play will be held on the Garden Level of The Albright Center, 450 Chestnut Street, Sunbury, PA.  Tickets are $30 each and include a dessert and coffee bar.

Veronica Blather is a sweet little old lady who spends most of her time knitting and solving murders, most of which occur whenever she appears. Understandably, she has a problem finding a place to live. When her niece invites her to stay at a retirement home for old knitters, it seems ideal – until one of its members dies from drinking poisoned punch. Who did it? Was it Matilda, the president of the Crazy Quilt Club, or Lydia, who likes to die on Tuesdays? Could it be Clara, who’s a compulsive liar, or the wisecracking Sarafina who doesn’t trust anybody and carries a rifle just to be sure? Clues drop as fast as corpses and dialogue races along at breakneck speed to keep the audience in stitches till the last minute.

Tickets are available on or at the Degenstein Community Library, 40 S. 5th Street, Sunbury, PA.    For more information about this event or the library, please call 570.286.2461  or email:  [email protected].

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