Evangelical’s COVID-19 testing site moving November 2

LEWISBURG – Evangelical Community Hospital’s COVID-19 Alternative Testing Site will be opening at its new location on Monday, November 2. Operating from 9 am-6 pm, Monday through Friday, testing will be completed at 1499 St. Mary Street, Lewisburg, the corner of St. Mary and 15th streets, near the Central Susquehanna LPN Center.

Individuals should first call their primary care provider to share any symptoms or concerns related to COVID-19. The physician can then determine if testing is warranted and refer to the testing site.

The new test site is a drive-through location to maximize safety. Patients will be directed to drive around the building and enter through a garage door. Staying in the car, patients will be asked a series of questions and receive any tests ordered. They will then exit, driving out another garage door on the opposite side of the building.

The location change was made to have a more fixed location with proper utilities during the winter months when weather can be unpredictable.

Any questions can be directed to the COVID-19 Hotline at 570-522-4530.

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