UPDATE: Geisinger, Evan out with statements on UPMC Sunbury

UPDATE: Geisinger has released a statement on the early, partial closure of UPMC Susquehanna Sunbury, through Tom Sokola, Geisinger chief administrative Officer for the central region: “We are fortunate to be a part of strong, caring, compassionate communities with countless citizens, leaders and organizations that will work to make sure the health and wellbeing of our neighbors affected by the recent announcement are supported. Geisinger has long cared for the people of the Central Susquehanna Valley, and we will continue to be there to make better health a reality for everyone who calls this region home. Through collaborations with local providers, EMS and community organizations along with plans to expand hours and access to primary care and walk-in clinics, we will continue to make sure our friends and neighbors in these communities have uninterrupted access to quality care close to home.”

LEWISBURG – The president and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg is out with her reaction to the early, partial closure, of UPMC Susquehanna Sunbury. Kendra Aucker said Evan will do their part to make sure the people of the Sunbury area have appropriate and timely access to care, “We’re talking with government representatives and community leaders to determine how we can work with all of the stakeholders to fill the gaps left by the closure.”


Evangelical is uniquely positioned to understand the important role a community hospital plays in the lives of those who live and work around it,” she said.


UPMC announced Thursday they are going to close the ER and curtail some of the services at Sunbury, will some other services will continue.


Aucker added, “We’re working internally with clinical leaders to plan how we can accommodate increases in volumes that we are already beginning to feel. We’re talking with area ALS and BLS providers to ensure timely response to emergency calls. We’re also exploring how we might deploy Mobile Health of Evangelical to positively impact the situation.”

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