Evangelical Hospital cardiologist is out with some Rock Red advice


SUNBURY – Our Rock Red for Healthy Hearts initiative included a conversation about the prevention of heart ailments today.  Dr. John Pfeifer, an interventional cardiologist at Evangelical Community Hospital said his specialty, the use catheterization, is used to clear and repair blockages in blood vessels, but he noted, there are ways to prevent meeting him ‘professionally.’

He encouraged people to work on their modifiable risk factors, high blood pressure, and diabetes and eat a balanced diet which enjoys all things in moderation.   He says if you keep smoking, you will be see the cardiologists one day and he notes that some smokers he says don’t try to quit until they’ve had a heart attack, “It’s an opportunity, a lot of people are able to stop smoking then and that is one of the good things that come out of a heart attack. It’s a hard process, a lot of people relapse. I try to tell them to not get discouraged, if often takes a couple times. But in terms of modifiable risk factors, it would say that’s the number one thing.”

As for e-cigarettes and vaping, a lot of the research is still underway, “There was some interest initially that this could be a safer alternative to smoking, but there has been a lot of vaping related illness though, I would not encourage anyone to use e-cigarettes.”

Our third year of interviewing Dr. John Pfeifer during Rock Red for Healthy Hearts included news of some new medicines and procedures which help clear blockages and preserve heart health. You can hear his full interview on the WKOK Podcast Page, and get more information on heart health at Evanhospital.com.

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