Evan President/CEO says nothing will change w/ Geisinger partnership


LEWISBURG – With Geisinger President/CEO Dr. David Feinberg leaving the health system for Google, one question now is how the new stronger partnership with Evangelical Community Hospital would continue. Evan President/CEO Kendra Aucker says nothing will change.


She says a possible departure was even discussed with Dr. Feinberg, “He and I spent a lot of time looking at this and talking about it, and what we designed with them transcends any leadership changes on either side. This is a commitment to the community that should continue well beyond all leaders in the organization.”


With that, Aucker says the move to Google makes a lot of sense for Dr. Feinberg, “I’ve been impressed by his sort of out-of-the-box thinking and I think his next step in his professional path makes a great deal of sense. I have a great deal of respect for him and what he brought to Geisinger during his tenure. I think we’re going to continue to be solid in this region, both of us working solidly together.”


With its announcement of Dr. Feinberg’s departure, Geisinger says Executive Vice President and Chief Medical officer Dr. Jaewon Ryu will become the Interim President. Aucker says she expects everything at Geisinger to continue growing, “Dr. Ryu has been driving a great deal of change of Geisinger while working with Dr. Feinberg, and I think it’s a real positive he’s going to act as the interim. So I expect you’ll continue to see the innovation that comes out of Geisinger and the work they do.”

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