Evan Doc: Women should get breast cancer screenings earlier

LEWISBURG – This month WKOK is ‘Painting the Valley Pink’ with Evangelical Community Hospital for breast cancer awareness. To help kickoff this year’s campaign is Evangelical’s Medical Director of Cancer Services Dr. John Turner.

Dr. Turner says there is some confusion as to when it may be the best time for women to begin screenings. He says there are some studies that recommend some women start screening as early as between the ages of 25-30 years-old, “A risk calculation should be done for a patient in addition to an assessment of their family history in relation to whether there could be a risk of a genetic mutation, and then that patient should be followed appropriately.”

But Dr. Turner says a lot of the confusion comes with genetic analysis of certain women during the screening process, “Last summer, two studies were done that compared two groups of patients who met the criteria versus patients who didn’t meet the criteria, and the positive test results were the same between the two groups.”

However, Dr. Turner says the earlier women can get screened the better. You can hear more from Dr. Turner on the WKOK Podcast page. Find all the latest Paint the Valley Pink information at WKOK.com as well.


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