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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A lawmaker plans to renew his push to abolish Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations in sex abuse cases after the publication of a grand jury report on allegations of child sexual abuse within six Roman Catholic dioceses around the state.  Rep. Mark Rozzi said Tuesday he’s prepared to seek a vote in the state House of Representatives on legislation that carries provisions sought by victims.


The state attorney general could release results of the investigation later this month.  Two years ago, the House overwhelmingly approved Rozzi’s legislation to lift time limits for perpetrators of child sexual abuse to be sued by their victims and prosecuted by authorities.  The Senate, however, rejected key provisions. Rozzi says he’s hoping the grand jury’s report changes enough minds for his bill to pass the Senate.


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Republicans in Pennsylvania’s Senate are seeking to use political momentum behind nonpartisan redistricting to drastically alter how state appeals judges are elected, drawing howls of protest from Democrats.  Senate Republicans on Tuesday muscled provisions into a redistricting bill to elect appeals court judges by district, rather than statewide.  Every Democrat voted no, joined by two Republicans in the 31 to 18 vote.


The bill would amend the constitution and requires several more House and Senate votes before it could go before voters in a statewide referendum.  The measure would address longstanding Republican complaints that candidates from the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh regions win a disproportionate share of statewide judicial races.   The bill also includes comprehensive changes to how congressional and state legislative districts are drawn in Pennsylvania.


ATLANTA (AP) —Ohio plans to resume its process for removing inactive voters, which was affirmed in Monday’s 5-4 ruling, after the November elections. It takes a particularly aggressive approach that appears to be an outlier among states.  At issue is when a state begins the process to notify and ultimately remove people from the rolls after a period of non-voting. In most states with similar laws, like Oklahoma, that process begins after voters miss two or more federal elections.


In Pennsylvania, the process isn’t triggered unless people have failed to vote for five years, or two general election cycles. The state has no plans to change that, Department of State spokeswoman Wanda Murren said.

The existing system hasn’t been drawing complaints, said Ray Murphy, a spokesman for Keystone Votes, a liberal coalition that advocates for changes to Pennsylvania election law. But he said the group will watch the Legislature closely for any signs that lawmakers will want to follow Ohio’s more stringent method.  Ballot access is a frequent battleground for Democrats and Republicans, but it’s not always a neatly partisan issue.


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania highway department worker is getting her job back after being fired for ranting on Facebook about local school bus drivers, saying she “will gladly smash into a school bus.”

Commonwealth Court reinstated Rachel Carr as a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation roadway programs technician Tuesday, saying free speech protections outweighed concerns about comments the judges described as “reprehensible” and “abhorrent.”


Carr was off duty and at home when she posted to the “Creeps of Peeps” site in May 2016 that school bus drivers near the New York border are “horrible” and “hella scary,” saying that earlier that day “one asked me to t-bone it.”  Judge Kevin Brobson writes that Carr’s comments merit special protection because they address an issue of public concern.


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has gotten a souvenir from Villanova University’s championship-winning men’s basketball team.  Four members of Villanova’s team on Tuesday visited Wolf in the state Capitol, where they presented him with a basketball autographed by team members. They took photos with Wolf, lawmakers and fans and signed more autographs.  Wolf praises the team. He says it has made Pennsylvania proud.  Visiting the governor were Phil Booth, Eric Paschall, Dylan Painter and Tim Delaney.


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NEW YORK (AP) — The drama students from Florida’s Parkland school have made another surprise stage appearance in New York.  This time it was at a fundraiser in Central Park for The Public Theater.  The benefit Monday night included a production of the 1978 Tony-nominated show, “Runaways” by the late Elizabeth Swados.


At the end of the show, the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were brought onstage. They performed a piece that was written by Swados for a screenplay of “Runaways” that never materialized.

The students appeared during Sunday’s Tony Awards to sing “Seasons of Love” from “Rent.” Their drama teacher, Melody Herzfeld, was honored during the show. She has been credited with protecting students during a school shooting that killed 17 people.


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is slamming actor Robert De Niro as “a very Low IQ individual.”  At Sunday night’s Tony Awards, De Niro launched an expletive at Trump. On Monday, the actor apologized to Canadians for the “idiotic behavior of my president.”  Trump is responding on Twitter as he returns from his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.


Trump says De Niro, who won an Academy Award for his performance in 1980’s “Raging Bull,” ”has received to (sic) many shots to the head by real boxers in movies.”  Trump says he believes De Niro “may be ‘punch-drunk,'” adding, “Wake up Punchy!”


UNDATED (AP) – A New Hampshire distillery has a new bourbon, Eau De Musc, flavored partly by the secretion from a beaver’s castor sacs.  Tamworth Distilling says the secretion, called castoreum, has a history of being used as a flavoring and is on a small list of FDA ingredients called “generally recognized as safe.”

The distillery says on its website castoreum “exhibits bright and fruit qualities (raspberry) and rich leathery notes along with creamy vanilla aroma,” common among barrel-aged spirits.  Other ingredients are raspberry, Canadian snakeroot, fir needles, birch bark (tar oil and regular oil) and maple syrup.


NEW YORK (AP) — An Uber driver who booted two kissing women out of his car has had his livery license suspended. The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission called his behavior “ridiculous.” The women, a couple in their 20s, were on their way from Brooklyn to Manhattan Saturday when they exchanged what they called a “peck” on the lips. They said the driver forced them out and a confrontation ensued.


A cellphone video taken by one of the women shows the driver saying that kissing in an Uber is illegal. “You can’t do this in the car,” the driver says. “Kissing is not illegal,” one of the women responds. “Why are we not allowed to kiss in an Uber?” The driver responded: “It’s disrespectful.” Uber has behavior rules amounting to, basically, no sex in cars, but nothing to do with kissing. Uber says it does not tolerate discrimination.


SPRING LAKE PARK, Minn. (AP) — “Roof! Roof!” He was practically begging to be rescued.

Firefighters in the Minneapolis suburb of Spring Lake Park on Friday managed to help a 180-pound (82-kilogram) Saint Bernard named Whiskey who had gotten stuck on the small roof of the overhang at a side door of his home.


The homeowner’s mother was housesitting when Whiskey pushed out a window screen and jumped onto the second-story overhang.  She and police tried to coax him back inside with dog treats, but to no avail, so firefighters with a ladder truck were summoned. One firefighter on a ladder and two inside eventually managed to pull Whiskey safely into the house.


WALLAGRASS, Maine (AP) — A dog and a young moose have forged an unlikely friendship in Maine.  Wallagrass resident Shannon Lugdon and her dog, Leo, spotted the week-old moose alone on Sunday. Wardens told Lugdon to not make contact with the young moose because its mother was probably close by eating.  Lugdon says the next morning she let Leo out for a bathroom break.


She says the dog and the abandoned moose quickly became friends. She says the moose followed her and Leo around all day “begging for attention” and she named it Maggie.  Wardens and a biologist picked the 27-pound (12-kilogram) moose up and took it to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, about 300 miles (480 kilometers) south of where it was found.


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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Aaron Nola struck out 10 in another dominant performance, Scott Kingery drove in four runs and the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Colorado Rockies 5-4. The Phillies have won two in a row for the first time since a three-game winning streak May 13-17. The Rockies have lost five straight and nine of 11.  The Phillies play on 1070AM WKOK, while our normal programming (CBS News, CBS Sportsradio and AccuWeather updates) continue on WKOK.com.


PHOENIX (AP) — Jon Jay got his first three hits for Arizona, including a three-run homer, and the Diamondbacks won their fifth game in a row with a sloppy 13-8 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nine of the runs were unearned.


Here are the scores from yesterday’s sports events:



Final     N-Y Yankees   3          Washington      0

Final     Cincinnati         5          Kansas City      1, 10 Innings

Final     L-A Dodgers    12        Texas   5



Final     Boston 6          Baltimore          4

Final     Minnesota        6          Detroit  4

Final     Tampa Bay       4          Toronto            1

Final     Chi White Sox  5          Cleveland         1

Final     Houston           6          Oakland           3

Final     Seattle  6          L-A Angels      3



Final     Philadelphia      5          Colorado          4

Final     Miami   3          San Francisco   1

Final     Atlanta 8          N-Y Mets        2

Final     Milwaukee       4          Chi Cubs          0

Final     San Diego        4          St. Louis           2

Final     Arizona            13        Pittsburgh         8



Final OT           Las Vegas        101      Indiana 92

Final     Phoenix            75        Dallas   72

Final     Seattle  96        Chicago            85

Final     L.A. Sparks     72        Atlanta 64




Washington      at         N-Y Yankees   7:05 p.m.

Cincinnati         at         Kansas City      8:15 p.m.

Texas   at         L-A Dodgers    10:10 p.m.



Toronto            at         Tampa Bay       1:10 p.m.

Boston at         Baltimore          3:05 p.m.

L-A Angels      at         Seattle  4:10 p.m.

Minnesota        at         Detroit  7:10 p.m.

Cleveland         at         Chi White Sox  8:10 p.m.

Houston           at         Oakland           10:05 p.m.



N-Y Mets        at         Atlanta 12:10 p.m.

Chi Cubs          at         Milwaukee       2:10 p.m.

Pittsburgh         at         Arizona            3:40 p.m.

Colorado          at         Philadelphia      7:05 p.m.

San Francisco   at         Miami   7:10 p.m.

San Diego        at         St. Louis           8:15 p.m.





Las Vegas        at         N-Y Liberty     7:00 p.m.

Washington      at         Connecticut      7:00 p.m.


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