Educating about sex abuse with ‘Care for Kids’

SELINSGROVE – In an effort to lessen child sex abuse, one Valley organization is looking to better prepare parents to talk to their kids about adult topics. The “Care for Kids” program is Thursday, August 24 at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Selinsgrove. The program is for parents with children ages three to eight. Free child care is available during the program.

Eckie Friar, an Education Specialist with Transitions of PA, says the program consists of six to seven units of their curriculum promoted for parents, “We believe at Transitions that children need to learn about their sexuality from their parents first, and then they need that same message reinforced in their child care facilities, and then in their schools and then in their Sunday schools.”


Heather Shnyder is a Prevention Education Specialist with Transitions of PA. She stressed the importance of parents education to better prepare their children in detail of what to say and who to report to if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, “When that child does go to report or talk to someone and they use their nickname, many times people are not going to associate the fact that perhaps a relative in the family or someone that the child knows is the perpetrator.”


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