EBT Supervisors reject Lewisburg’s demand, call for fresh negotiations

LEWISBURG – East Buffalo Township Supervisors have rejected Lewisburg borough’s demands they comply with their existing Buffalo Valley Regional Police funding agreement. The township is also calling for renewed negotiations. Chairman Char Gray tells WKOK the township has directed its solicitor to draft a letter to deny the borough’s request, which will be completed today (Tuesday).


Gray says the township feels it hasn’t violated their contract. She says over the last two years, solicitors on both sides haven’t been able to agree on the interpretation of the language of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement (IGA).


Gray also says the township and borough should be one jurisdiction, and police should do the work where they need to. In that case, Gray says it makes sense for both municipalities to split the costs. An existing agreement doesn’t split the costs evenly.


Gray says the township still doesn’t want to see the matter end up in court. She says she’ll be reaching out to borough president Kathy Morris to try to get both sides to meet before the borough’s 60-day deadline indicated in its letter, which is April 21.


You can see Gray’s full statement below.

EBT Public Information Release – 190325

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