Rock Red: Weis dieticians talk heart health on WKOK Sunrise


SUNBURY—February is Heart Month, and the Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation and the Evangelical Community Hospital—are promoting Rock Red for Health Hearts.  This month, when we talked to Kathryn Long, a Weis Markets Registered Dietician, she said over $500,000 Americans will have their first heart attack this year.

Of that, she said, “Just above 700,000 Americans have a heart attack every year but of those 525,000 happen to people who have never had a heart attack, and that enough people to fill the largest college football stadium five times over.”

If you are at risk of having a heart attack there are things that you can take control of. Small changes like eating smart, and getting exercise can make a big difference. Weis Dietician Beth Stark recommends these three nutrients that promote a healthy heart, “Its Omega 3, soluble fiber and potassium, and we highlight these in the magazine and give you different examples on how to incorporate them into your diet.”

You can find these heart healthy recipes in the current edition of Healthy Bites Magazine, and listen to more of the WKOK Sunrise interview with the Weis Markets Dieticians at

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