85th District Race: Dr. Rager-Kay: Imperative to keep driving the area

Photo courtesy: Ashley Thomas

SUNBURY – We’ve got to keep growing our area…that was the imperative from state house candidate Dr. Rager-Kay when she was on WKOK’s On The Mark this week, “Economic development is complicated because it not only has to do with increasing revenue for our area, but also has to do with sustainability. There is no sustainability if there isn’t any source to keep people within the district and help them prosper. ”


Rager-Kay believes that starting a local community college is key, “We have to be educating constituents, closing the skills gap, increasing job opportunities, there’s so many jobs in our district that are out there and available, we just don’t have anyone properly trained to partake in that.”


Rager-Kay says having two major universities in the area is great, but a community college would actually do more to help the local economy, “Not only is it affordable, alternative education, it enhances the opportunity for students, young and old, if you train for electricians, and plumbing and welding, that’s what makes a community run. If you can train your own community members to be able to that, that’s the sustainability of the district.”


Jennifer Rager-Kay is running on the democrat ticket for the house seat in the 85th district in the special election being held Tuesday, August 20. To hear more of this conversation, go to WKOK’s podcast page.  Dr. Rager-Kay is a Selinsgrove resident, is an ear, nose and throat surgeon in Sunbury.

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