Dietitians: Know signs and symptoms of a heart attack

SUNBURY— Research shows many people don’t know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, which can make a big difference for someone in need of help.

Kathryn Long, Healthy Living Coordinator and Registered Dietician at Weis Markets, said according to a study done by the American Heart Association, almost half of Americans aren’t familiar with the symptoms of a heart attack. She explained, “This is so important because if you delay treatment, it really can result in more damage to the heart in the long-term.”

Long explained the five key symptoms to watch out for, “Chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, pain or discomfort in your arms or shoulders, feeling weak, light-headed or faint, and jaw, neck or back pain.”  She recommended calling 911 or having someone else drive you to the hospital if you are having any of those symptoms.

Elizabeth Stark, Lifestyle Initiative Manager and Registered Dietician at Weis Markets talked about prevention of heart attacks, “About 80 percent of cases of heart disease or stroke or cardiovascular disease as a whole can be prevented by lifestyle changes and good habits.  Obviously there are some that are not preventable such as gender, age and family history.  But you can greatly impact your eating habits, smoking or not smoking, your physical activity, sleep and stress level.”

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