“Diary of Anne Frank” to be presented at Christ Wesleyan

SUNBURY – The story of Anne Frank and her family is a haunting and tragic reminder of the trials and tribulations humans sometimes have to endure to simply survive oppression.  Pastor Ryan Brosious of the Christ Wesleyan Church in Milton says the “Diary of Anne Frank” may be a story about a Jewish family hiding from Nazi’s in Germany in the 1940’s, but the story is very relevant in 2019.

“Whenever we dehumanize a group of people which obviously was the case during World War II, we run into trouble. So just really valuing people at face value, that they’re human first. Really caring for and treating somebody with high quality and priority just because they’re human,” he said.

The actress portraying Anne Frank, Grace Dietrick, says you may think of this story as a sad and depressing tale, but you’ll feel much more than that during this show, “There are fun times, there’s romance, there’s a whole range of human experiences that happen during the course of this show.”

Pastor Ryan says this show really sheds light on the remarkable spirit of humans to endure such a dark situation, “You think about those who live through persecution and different times like that, it can either bring out the best or worst in people and I think in their scenario it brought out some really incredible things. You don’t hear 13-year-olds talk the way that she does in this diary too often and I think that there was a level of maturity that was there.”

“The Diary of Anne Frank” will be presented at the Christ Wesleyan Church in Milton on June 12-15. Showtimes and more information about ticket prices can be found at cwc.life. Ticket reservation deadline is Monday, June 3rd.

You can hear the entire conversation with Pastor Ryan Brosious and actress Grace Dietrick of the Christ Wesleyan Church at out podcast page at WKOK.com.

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