Democratic state senate candidate beginning petitioning

SELINSGROVE – A Democratic state senate candidate is officially looking to get her name on the ballot, looking to replace one of the Valley’s long-time state senators. Michelle Siegel of Selinsgrove is looking to upset incumbent Republican John Gordner (R-27th, Berwick) for state senate in the 27th District.


She has some petition signing events coming up across the district, “Bella’s Pizza on Friday in Selinsgrove from 5-8 p.m. I’ll be there if you’d like to sign my petition. My first obstacle is getting on the ballot.”


Siegel says her biggest reason for her campaign is her belief the state government needs to do more to take care of its communities.


She says a big help would be making state corporations pay their fair share, “71% of companies operating in Pennsylvania that are subject to a corporate income tax are not paying it. Many of them are paying less in income taxes in Pennsylvania than a family making $36,000 a year. This has to stop.”


Despite big money going toward the ongoing CSVT project and PennDOT establishing bridge replacement project teams, Siegel says Pennsylvania needs plenty more help addressing infrastructure and roads. Here more of her comments from WKOK’s On The Mark at


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