Reluctance. House member Masser on new congressional map

HARRISBURG— Today is the day PA lawmakers will need to submit a replacement congressional map to Governor Tom Wolf. The PA Supreme Court set a Friday deadline for a new map, with Gov. Wolf having until Thursday, February 15 to accept it or the court will draw a new one.


State Rep. Kurt Masser(R-107 Elysburg) says it is unconstitutional for the democratic majority on the court to create their own map, “If they deem it unconstitutional then so be it, however when they say they will draw a map that is just as unconstitutional as they are deeming our maps were.”

The court says the 2011 map unfairly benefitted Republicans, violating the state constitution’s guarantee of free and equal elections.


But, State Rep. Fred Keller(R-85 Kreamer) says the map was originally passed through a bi-partisan effort, “Forty percent of the democrats in the State House voted yes on that congressional map. So, the fact that one party drew the map is not true, the fact that one party made it become law is not true. If it is bad now it should have been bad back then and they should have stopped it.”

Democrats are hoping a new map in Pennsylvania will help them flip enough seats in Congress to retake the majority. Hear more from Rep. Keller from his On The Mark interview at

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