Holocaust ‘Days of Remembrance’ essay Contest underway


SUNBURY – Despite being what many say may be the most horrific times in history, there is still some unawareness of the term, ‘Holocaust’ among students. Looking to change that, an essay contest called, ‘Days of Remembrance’ has been formed for Valley students. Essay contest board member David Young, a retired educator, says he first thought of the idea with fellow board member Dave Jacobson.


Young says he jumpstarted the idea when he gave a writing assignment about the Holocaust during his teaching days, “I gave them the word, ‘Holocaust,’ and I asked to tell me what it meant, and roughly half of my ninth-grade students…all of whom had read ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ as eighth graders…they had no idea.”


The contest was first started overseas, before being brought to the United States and the Valley.


Jacobson says this year’s contest is now underway, “Any high school student in Union, Snyder, Northumberland, Montour, and Lycoming counties can submit an essay application. We have a deadline of March 15 for essay submissions.”


Prizes will be awarded, including monetary prizes. For more information on the contest, visit www.daysofremembrance.org.

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