Taxpayer savings in Danville, state permits reallocation of grant funds

DANVILLE – Danville is going to save $200,000 in local tax payer funds now that state officials have permitted a reallocation of funds for Danville’s levee raising project. In a news release, the Commonwealth Financing Agency is said to have approved the borough’s request.

Previously approved grant funds made available through the Flood Mitigation program and intended for a different project can now be reallocated to this project currently underway. State Senator John Gordner (R-27th, Berwick) and State Representative Kurt Masser (R-107th, Elysburg advocated for the change and made the official announcement.

The CFA first approved a $200,000 Flood Mitigation Program grant for Danville for the removal of shoaling from Mahoning Creek Channel. But the borough then encountered unforeseen construction conditions during the levee project.

As a result, costs to complete that project have increased and put the project in jeopardy of not being completed on time. With that, the borough requested a change in scope to redirect the $200,000 in grant money.

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