BREAKING NEWS: Troubled Danville football coach resigns

DANVILLE – After being handed another suspension this season, Danville varsity football coach Jim Keiser says he has resigned. Keiser tells WKOK he officially submitted his resignation to the school district superintendent Monday morning. When asked for a reason, Keiser told WKOK, “It’s time.”

Keiser was suspended for Danville’s game last Friday night at Warrior Run and was suspended for the previous game against Loyalsock. His last suspension was a year ago after getting into a dispute with an assistant coach. After that, the school board put Keiser on a ‘performance improvement plan,’ and he and his staff were kept on for this season. But the board said at the time if the program failed to comply with the improvement plan, coaching positions would be opened.

Keiser says he wishes the players and coaches the best of luck and it was an honor to coach them. He also says, “We wanted to make the best program as best we could, and I think we did a good job.”

Keiser was first hired as head coach in 2009. The school board is scheduled to meet this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Danville Primary School.

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