D-A surprised, child sex offender Jack Harclerode is out on parole

LEWISBURG — The Union County District Attorney, D. Peter Johnson, said he was surprised, and has a lot of questions, about the parole of Megan’s Law offender Jack Harclerode, 84, of Supplee Mill Road, Lewisburg. Johnson said an acquaintance told his wife they saw Harclerode in the community, Johnson said the county is supposed to be notified of such a release.

Harclerode faces a myriad of accusations; a Columbia County child sexual assault conviction, and a Union County guilty plea to child pornography where his daughter was scheduled to testify against him. He is perhaps most notably, the alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse involving Norman Gundrum, a Milton teen who later was jailed for homicide, and released in recent months.

Johnson tells WKOK, he’s vehemently opposed Harclerode’s release in 2016, and assumes the parole board used his remarks from then, during a more recent hearing. Johnson said he’ll be finding out what conditions the parole involves and he’ll have more information for the public later.

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