Culver talks priorities for state infrastructure task force

SUNBURY – One Valley state representative who’s a part of the infrastructure task force in Harrisburg says there a number of issues that will be discussed when the fall session begins.


State Representative Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108th, Sunbury) is on the task force, and says most of the infrastructure issues deal with transportation and the state police, “We have the issue with the turnpike commission hanging over our heads, people wanting to toll certain roads, and the issue with the state police. We’ve always given money out of the budget to the state police because they patrol and manage our highways. The constitution allows us to pay them, it’s just that it was incrementally going up every year and we’re not sure it was the right increment.”


Culver says the task force does not deal with any issues regarding Governor Tom Wolf’s Restore PA Initiative, “We hear from businesses a lot of times saying the infrastructure’s not here. We hear it sometimes difficult to travel here, we hear we’re not maintaining roads as well, we hear complaints about when there is construction…the detour routes.”


Culver says she’s reached out to people in the Valley involved with public transportation to bring some of the Valley’s well-known needs in those areas.


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