UPDATE: CSVT southern section completion delayed until 2027

SHAMOKIN DAM – Completion of southern section of the CSVT has been delayed three years, and the total project cost has gone up nearly $120 million. PennDOT Assistant Plans Engineer Matt Beck made that announcement during Friday’s Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee meeting. Beck says construction of the southern section is scheduled to start in 2022, with completion now expected by 2027, when the original completion date was 2024.


Beck says the delay is mainly caused by the department having to avoid ash basins in the Shamokin Dam/Monroe Township areas, “It was late 2016 when we identified the issues with the ash basins, and just here in early 2019 when we got the environmental clearance on that modified route. So that was a little more than a two-year delay.”


Beck says avoiding the ash basis has made construction more complicated, “The current design involves some bigger bridges than were originally planned, and the earthwork phasing is a little more complicated. That’s particularly related to the other unexpected issue that we had run into on the project, and that’s the acid barring rock.”


The total project cost is now projected at $865 million, up about $120 million due to avoiding the ash basins, “The component of the increase in cost that’s related to the ash basins includes the additional design work, additional right-of-way to be required, additional utilities to be moved, as well as additional earth work, pavement, and drainage features, and those bigger bridges.”


Beck says the entire project will still remain fully funded. Beck says the northern section is 75% complete and is scheduled to be open to traffic in 2022.

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