CSIU and the United Way looking to Bridge the Gap

LEWISBURG – CSIU and the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way are teaming up to host a week of training workshops designed to bridge the gap between social services and educators.

John Kurelja with the CSIU says, the 5-day workshop was put together by CSIU and the GSVUW over a 6-month period to help educators relate to students who are in some difficult situations, “We’re really happy with what we have in store to try and educate our educators on the best ways to work with students who are coming from very challenging households.”

Joanne Troutman, CEO of the GSVUW, says this is an opportunity they’ve wanted to seize for a while, “In our office we see so many gaps in knowledge, and it’s no one’s fault, we just get mired in our day-to-day. I go to meetings and I hear people say things like ‘We’ve developed a list of resources,’ and that’s wonderful, but a list of resources is no substitute to actually knowing, and creating relationships with people out there and understanding their work.”

They say some of the situations educators, administrators and counselors in The Valley see from their students are those living in poverty, dealing with parents who are hooked on opioids, and trauma from things they see at home.

Troutman points out that it’s not all on them, “We have a really bad habit of saddling our educational system with all of the societal ills if you will and there are a lot of resources in the community; a lot of really good people doing really good work. It’s not fair for us to say ‘teachers, administrators, counselors, this is your responsibility to take care of.’ We’re all responsible for taking care of our community.”

Bridging the Gap Between Social Services and Educators will be held from June 25-June 29. Each day focuses on a different topic, and the course will give continuing education credits to educators. The workshop costs $100 per person and meals will be provided each day.

For more in depth details about the workshop you can hear full audio with Joanne Troutman and John Kurelja from their appearance on Sunrise at WKOK.com or go to CSIU.org.

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