County solicitor responds to Best’s statement on Parea

SUNBURY – Northumberland County’s solicitor is today responding to the recent statement from county commissioner Kymberley Best, where she outlined her ongoing opposition to a medical marijuana grower locating on the county prison campus. Frank Garrigan said Best is incorrect, is making false statements, and should follow through on her threat to call the state attorney general.

In her statement Thursday, Best detailed her opposition to allowing Parea BioSciences to purchase 10 acres of county land near the new county prison in Coal Township for $1.5 million. She also opposed an additional extension of the timeframe for Parea to complete the sale.

Best specifically mentioned Garrigan saying because of his ‘negligence or the deliberate intent’, the deal would be unenforceable. Garrigan has responded, stating Best knows the deal would be legal and has been agreed to at public meetings. Garrigan also says Commissioner Chairman Rick Shoch has no financial or other interests in the medical marijuana corporation. Best said she was concerned about Shoch’s relationship with the company.

According to Commissioner Sam Schiccatano, Parea has already paid the county a non-refundable $31,000 deposit to hold the property, and will pay an additional $10,000 to get an extension. The latest extension fee was paid to the county Wednesday. Garrigan says Best left out the fact the company had not received any approval from the commonwealth at the time, when she claimed in her statement the company paid a ‘very small’ deposit.

Garrigan says he would also welcome Best to follow through on the threat to contact the state Attorney General for an investigation into the matter. He says a possible investigation would ‘at long last’ provide insight into her ‘pathological inability to be truthful to the public.’ See the link to Garrigan’s full statement below.

Frank Garrigan statement

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