Congressman Keller: Taking down monuments is a mistake

March 2020 File Photo by Mark Lawrence


SUNBURY- Should confederate monuments be taken down, effectively erasing history?  A local congressman doesn’t think so.  Republican Congressman Fred Keller of Kreamer spoke recently on WKOK’s “On The Mark” program.


Keller said, “While some things are regrettable in the past, to wipe them out, I think would be a huge mistake and disservice when we are trying to unite everybody and have people in generations coming make the same mistakes.”


The congressman says that learning from the past, even from monuments, is a lesson he learned at a young age from his grandmother.  She taught him that you “can’t know where you are going unless you know from where you came.”  Keller contends that we need to look forward and not second guess what was done over a century ago.


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