US Congressman Fred Keller: USAMC makes US more competitive

WASHINGTON, D.C. – One of the Valley’s members of U.S. Congress is urging his colleagues in the house to approve the newly reached US, Mexico, Canada trade agreement, and he would like congress to stop focusing on the impeachment.  U.S. Congressman Fred Keller (R-12th, Kreamer) spoke about it on WKOK’s On The Mark.  He was on the newsline before heading to a rally in Luzerne County Monday with Vice President Mike Pence.


Keller says the agreement that would replace NAFTA makes America more competitive, especially in the dairy industry, “Canada has class-seven milk, which actually shuts out some of the U.S. dairy producers and doesn’t make us competitive. It’s a huge win for agriculture and other items.”


The agreement also includes having more car and truck parts made in North America, while Canada will open its milk market to U.S. farmers. President Trump’s steel tariffs also still in place for now, as both countries continue discussion lifting those tariffs.


But Keller seemed skeptical about Congress approving the agreement, mostly due to impeachment investigations, “At one point in time, I would’ve thought this would’ve been brought up for a vote. Unfortunately, everything’s tied in a knot with the obsession of some to take the president out of office.”


Keller expressed more frustration about the impeachment inquiry, calling it ‘an unfair, non-transparent process,’ “The speaker announced an impeachment inquiry before they saw the transcript of the phone call, then they have these meetings behind closed doors, of which members of Congress were denied access that sit on one of the committees, the republicans can’t call witnesses, I couldn’t go look at the transcript, and I sit on the oversight committee.”


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