Mail-in ballot forms to deceased not from county, polls will be open

MIDDLEBURG – Lots of people are receiving official looking ballot/voting information. Snyder County Commissioner Chairman Joe Kantz is looking to clear the air about rumors and misinformation regarding voter registration forms being sent to deceased loved ones, and how polls may not be open for the November election.

He says the county has received numerous complaints from residents getting voter registration forms addressed to deceased love ones – They are coming from the Republican National Committee, not the county, “This is very unfortunate, but we won’t everyone to know the elections office in Snyder County did not email these out. We cannot stop any political party from mailing any items to residents, but we are trying to deal with everyone trying to call in who’s confused or upset.”

He also says there’s no truth to rumors that polls may not be open for the November 3 Election Day and people had been urging others to get mail-in ballot applications, “While the mail-in ballot is now an option for voters, Snyder County Elections Board will do everything in our power to make sure everyone who chooses to vote in person can do that and can do it safely.”

Kantz says any resident who comes to the polls with a mail-in ballot already completed, that person will need to surrender the mail-in ballot and sign an affidavit in order to receive an in-person ballot. So any resident whose planning to vote in person is encouraged not to apply for a mail-in ballot.

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