City of Sunbury is a big step closer to having a new police station

SUNBURY – Sunbury City Council and the mayor took a giant step forward Monday night when they got a look at a new police station plan.  The idea would extensively renovate an existing warehouse owned by the city at Chestnut and Awl Streets.


Sunbury mayor Kurt Karlovich tells us, the idea would cost just over $1 million, and he said council will start searching for funding options for this project, “This project is not just creating a new updated building. It is the city reinvesting into our community by fixing a large currently city owned property and bringing it up to code and usable again.”


Mayor Karlovich said the property is suitable for the location, square footage and off street parking that will be necessary, and he added it will help to boost the property values in the area, won’t remove a parcel from the tax rolls as this is currently city owned, and it will show investors that our large property in the city are worth it to rehab and invest in.


The city has been researching different sites and options for two years and a lot of planning as well as professional outside resources were utilized. The existing police station is deteriorating and is unsuitable for long term future use.

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