Latest health report indicates struggles for Chesapeake Bay


SUNBURY — The State of the Bay bi-annual report is out, it assesses the health and condition of the Chesapeake Bay and it’s watershed. The latest report says the bay has had a difficult year.

“Unfortunately, this year the bay sustained a massive assault if you will. The sustained improvement we’ve seen over the past several decades flipped back some, showing us how fragile that recover can be and as a result our assessment went down a point.”


That’s Harry Campbell, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Executive Director, he said their score was reduced from a C- to a D+.   Campbell says although this was a setback, indicators are showing that a comeback is possible if we do the right things.


“By planting trees, restoring and protecting wetlands, putting in what’s called green infrastructure, rain gardens, rain barrels in our urban and suburban communities, and street trees. We keep the water and soils and nutrients on the land, where they do good, instead of in the water, where they pollute,” he said.


So what’s the plan? “So the 3 “P’s,” best practices, fixing priority locations, engaging priority partners, will help us get this job done in a way in which we see cleaner water, healthy soils,  robust economy in Pennsylvania, first and foremost, and then the Chesapeake Bay.”


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