Chamber: Strong economy should help Wood-Mode workers

KREAMER – Displaced Wood-Mode employees should have plenty of options when it comes to finding a new job.


Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob Garrett says the hundreds of laid off Wood-Mode employees heading into a very strong economy in the Valley, “The average Wood-Mode worker is absolutely coveted by other employers in this Valley. I know we have employers and they are already letting us know, ‘Hey, we’re hiring, let them know we’re here,’ and we want to help get that word out.”


Garrett says the displaced employees may even have an opportunity to stay in their housing industry, “We have other companies that manufacture housing that are booming, the other hard-wood industries are booming in the Valley. We have other companies that will be happy to soak up the people who buy the nails, people who buy the glue. We’re trying at this from every angle.”


Snyder County Commissioner Peggy Chamberlin-Roup tells WKOK “easily two dozen” businesses around Valley have reached out to Wood-Mode employees including some from Lancaster County.

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