GSVCC guests have no mixed reaction to positive jobs numbers


SUNBURY – There was no mixed reaction from a few leaders of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce recently after the release of the latest jobs report. After hitting a 50-year low in September, dropping 0.2% to 3.5, Chamber Vice President Art Thomas, says it’s all good, “I find it interesting that we possibly have the lowest unemployment rate on record, and we’re disclaiming and saying, ‘but this, but that.’ So its 3.5%, and we have people leaving the labor market, maybe it could be 3.7% or 3.8%, that’s still pretty good. It seems to me as though anybody who wants a job right now can have one.”


Meantime, in Pennsylvania, work to keep the state’s economy in good shape are underway, one of them is called the GrowPA initiative. It is a bipartisan, statewide movement advocating for business climate improvement in the state. Former state senator Earl Baker says an upcoming local hearing will include remarks from the President/CEO of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, “Rob Wonderling will speak, anybody else that Bob (Garrett, President and CEO of the Valley Chamber) would select and the chamber board members might choose a local person who fits into the GrowPA agenda, followed by a question and answer period and discussion.”


The hearing will take place October 15, which is next Tuesday, at Chef’s Place in Milton.


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