Casey: Congress has to choose between impunity or impeachment

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democractic U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) joined WKOK on the news line to give his thoughts to the ongoing public impeachment proceedings on Capital Hill.

On the impeachment process so far, Senator Casey says, “We’re going to learn a lot more, we have to see the rest of the evidence presented, but when an executive abuses power, the congress has to make a decision. Do you allow that to be done with impunity, and to not have a response? There’s no other way other than impeachment to check the power of the executive when that executive abuses his or her power.”

Casey also says other federal workers can’t do campaigning on government time, “Once you’re on a government phone call, of any kind, it doesn’t just mean just with a foreign leader, maybe especially with a foreign leader. Once you’re doing government work, you can’t be asking for help on a campaign.”

What is so wrong with that?

“He was using a government phone, on government time, on government business, in a phone call that’s supposed to only be about ‘how to we work with the Ukrainians to push back on Russian aggression.'”

The Senator also talked about his office’s health care sabotage report and the threats facing the remaining elements of the ACA healthcare law. He also said the US senate is working on bi-partisan legislation to stop the many scams affecting Americans right now. We’ll have more on that topic in a future story.

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