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SUNBURY – Honesty and cooperation were the themes at Thursday’s debate between candidates for Northumberland County Commissioner. Seven candidates took questions from members of the media, including WKOK’s Jennifer Wakeman as well as from the audience of more than 100 voters.

Republican incumbent Rick Shoch says he was somewhat marginalized by the majority for the last four years and would change that in the future, “We are committed to the kind of process of governing that will ultimately lead to the best ideas and solutions for the issues we have because it will involve everyone who is a commissioner.”

Libertarian candidate John Burd says he brings a global perspective to the job of commissioner and fellow libertarian Ed Quiggle, Jr. says voters have an opportunity to make a major change, “We actually have a chance to elect people who aren’t part of the two-party system.”

Businessman Bill Shambach says being and Independent allows him to be in the middle and work with both parties.

George Zalar, a democrat from Coal Township says the animosity that has plagued county government is on its way out, “We have a plan, we have a vision to move this county forward. We’re putting the animosity aside that’s been there, that’s going on…that’s leaving.”

Democrat Kymberley Best asked voters if they wanted respect and trust brought back to the commissioner’s office, “Do you share our vision to have our neighbors respect us again? Can you see county government working responsibly? Would you like to be able to trust us once again?”

Sam Schiccatano, a Republican and former Shamokin teacher promised honesty, “One thing that I can promise is that I will give you an honest government. I will be respectful and I will work hard and I will be full-time.”

You can see video from the debate online at Election Day is November 3.  (WKOK Staff)

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