Candidate Denny Wolff on OTM: US/Mexico wall too costly

SUNBURY – Former state agriculture secretary Dennis Wolff, who is running for US Congress in the 9th District, says he’s anxious to get elected to the congress and start attacking the issue of legal and illegal immigration.

Speaking on WKOK’s On The Mark program Thursday he said building a wall between the US/Mexico border, might help national security. But he quickly added, the cost/benefit ratio will have to be examined, “But, I do not feel that building a wall that’s going to cost $75 billion when you could put in place something that would be just as effective for much less money, I think that is the way that we need to go. So, it’s not one or the other, it’s about looking at how we secure our borders and do it for less money than is proposed for a $75 billion wall.”

Additionally, he said we’ll have to look at the issue of 12-million people living in the US who are illegal immigrants, and the ‘guest worker’ program that helps agriculture—is bureaucratic and will have to be examined.   As for sanctuary cities, said he wants to find out more about why city leaders support them, “I would like to talk to the law enforcement in those cities in more detail to find out exactly what their take on it is.”

Additionally, Wolff says he wants to find out if the sanctuary cities are effective in controlling crime or if they add to the crime rate.  On other topics, Wolff said, if elected, he will not support Nancy Pelosi as the democratic leader in the house, he is concerned about the tariffs and the potential trade war, and he has been endorse by conservative democrats—the so called ‘Blue Dog’ democrats.

Wolff’s opponent, republican Dan Meuser of Shavertown PA, will be on WKOK in the weeks ahead.

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