Camp Cadet has a big fundraiser this week

LEWISBURG—The Susquehanna Valley Camp Cadet is a non-profit summer camp that its founders say builds self-esteem, morals and values in Valley youth.  They say they do this through team exercises and police drills, and other learning experiences.

State Police public affairs officer, Trooper Rick Blair, “It’s a camp for kids who are 12-15 years old, this year it’s June 17 through the 22.  We do things to help them with their self-esteem, we have a lot of discipline and structure in our program, and so threes really a lot of things going on in the camp. We have scheduled every minute of every day.”


The camp is free for the teens and receives no state funding. Blair says the camp costs the state police about $40,000 per year, so they hold fundraising opportunities and the next one is coming up Wednesday at the Lewisburg Applebees.


Anita Powell manager of Applebees in Lewisburg spoke about the celebrity service night, “The officers come in and they take over, so it’s not going to be your normal Applebees evening. Every $10 tip gets you $10 in coupons to use on your next visit.  So if you leave a $20 tip, you’re getting $20 in coupons, so it’s a win-win kind of effect. All of the tips go directly to Camp Cadet.”


Celebrity service night is Wednesday from 5-9pm at the Lewisburg Applebees, and all tips will go towards camp cadet. For more information about the fundraising night or the camp visit

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