Bucknell’s solar field plans put on hold, zoning change a hold up


LEWISBURG – Plans to install a solar energy farm at Bucknell University are now on hold. In a statement, the university says the project proposal has been withdrawn because East Buffalo Township, Union County does not have a solar zoning ordinance.


The solar farm was due to be installed near the top of the university golf club’s driving range along Abbey Lane. East Buffalo Township Manager Stacey Kifolo tells us some residents spoke out against the proposal at the last planning commission meeting. She says they expressed concerns with the location and other logistics. Kifolo also says the township planning commission has drafts towards a zoning ordinance that includes solar usage, and will now have to take steps to adopt it , which could take at least three months.


The university says it remains committed to green, renewable energy. Bucknell says it will pursue a future solar project with Encore Renewable Energy of Burlington, Vt after a township solar zoning. ordinance is established.

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